Lets dance

We were thinking of our goals for this project we are doing…how to cure the ill building , bring financial benefits, bring culture, bring people, connect generations, keep/give identity  .. mind is full. eyes wide open.sketchbooks started. but april hasn’t started yet so more inspiration and research to be done.

Recently I was missing something , which was simple -good quality friday dance which I loved while was living in Kaunas. Now I really appreciate an attempt of people who organise these night outs to be  memorable. Artists creating visuals and installations, flyers, posters and advertisements as well as interior spaces. Many of abandoned buildings here sometimes reborn  for some kind of event;dance, music, fashion or art festival… or everything together. Not too expensive and loads of friendly people and good vibe. Oh too nostalgic!..

(Insanitus laboratory- music and art festival in “lituanica” factory ,previously held “sanitas” medicine factory)


“Lituanica ”  ex shoes factory , now there is an artists meka “Fluxus Ministry”


” Sanitas” ex medicine factory.

Kaunas castle during the day serves like tourist attraction and at night it used to be place for some psy trance. I think few years ago those parties were forbidden.


Kaunas castle

ARTEFAKTAI another arts and electronic music event . During the day artists creating show pieces and installations and during the night electronic music sounds fill the space. This festival used to be held in ex radio factory or botanic gardens.


Radio factory

Morning in Kaunas, although hope spring will come soon .


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