Memories: City of Names

Last year had an opportunity to visit Guggenheim Lab in Berlin.I could say it was quite hard to find that famous mobile laboratory structure but finally  we made it! was sitting just like in somebody’s yard! Anyway, was worth looking;got to know about ‘City of Names’ workshop in Berlin (2005).

Within the timeframe of 3 weeks a group about more than 60 writer and streetartists from 9 different nations constructed the “City of Names” on Mariannenplatz in Berlin/Kreuzberg. A gaudy favela with a footprint less than 1000 m2 made out of wood, scrap, trash and paint, fully equipped with a pond, an oratory, a watchtower, a subway with 2 stations, a museum, the bus number 126 with bus stop,a post office, city gates, streets, an
hotel, a dream tent, a wellnesscenter, electricity and  light, the “urban jürgen square” and an asian 24 hours security guard.

Open from 29.7. till 4.9.2005, City of Names got converted into a super children’s playground.

 Guggenheim Lab, Berlin ,2012

 Trains were actually working and constructed from shopping trolleys

Nemo house

The story about the tower intrigued me. The presenter told that majority of the team was against the watchtower but it still appeared in a city ,because it was some team proposal. Although, the question was why do they need it if they are building free and creative city?

Well if it is not for security so at least you can enjoy reading the city.



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