Upcycling.Human Cities Festival

Human Cities Festival which took place in Brussels in 2012 is a great idea how to rediscover public spaces in your own city. People are invited to be in the public spaces as it belongs to them. People are encouraged to look at public space creatively and to feel a joy of being together in this unique interchanging space. Term ‘ Upcycling’ well illustrates an idea of keeping place identity without deleting existing spaces. Creatively boosted qualities of place creates a new perception of space. It would be nice to see this experiment in Laisves Avenue.

‘Jointly organized by Human Cities network and Esterni – Public Design Festival, this open call aims to rethink, re-use and reinvent public space by exploring human creativity and existing materials through co-creations, performances, installations and hands-on experiments.

The term Upcycling was first used by Reiner Pilz who described recycling as a system where everything is smashed. He used the term Downcycling to describe this and called for what he referred to as Upcycling, a practice where old products are given more value and not less.

In this sense, Upcycling is about the way we remake things. Reinventing or remaking public space does not mean reinventing the wheel or erasing what already exists, but thinking about ways to work with existing environments, objects and materials

Projects will be analyzed on their use of the Upcycling concept and cross-disciplinary approaches to public space as well as their interpretation of Readymade design, referencing Duchamp’s description of ‘found art,’ or objects which are slightly modified to take on a new social function.’

Read more: http://www.humancities.eu/en/agenda


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