Visiting Jiakun architects, Chengdu

Picture 505

Last year in May  we were doing a university project in Chengdu. 

Traveling so far means you have to do something extremely exciting.  Being an architecture student means visiting some exciting buildings!

First challenge was actually not to see the building but to meet architects who we considered as helping  on our project. We were working on research on sustainable materials from agricultural waste. So Jiakun was the first choice. We were so happy that they answered to our call and agreed to chat with us in their studio!

The studio were inspiring project are born was the same inspiring.Situated in quite residential area and in one of the residential buildings, small,  cosy and friendly atmosphere. We even were introduced to two cats living there! Picture 279

Jiakun Architects Studio meeting room with exhibition space

So coming back to what we came for: to find out about prospects of sustainable materials usage in China. We were surprised to get to know about they rebirth brick project presented in SZHK and Venice biennale. It is an inspiring idea and architectural proposal for earthquake damaged land. This  project began in June of 2008, one month after the earthquake in Sichuan province. Architects has offered and completed an idea to produce new building materials.Bricks made from the aggregated debris from the disaster site, straw fiber and cement, the bricks have been used to build and reconstruct the damaged areas, creating new meanings to the ideas of renewable materials and the regeneration of a community. Bricks made on site, mass-produced , cheap and has high thermal performance.

Below are some sneaky pictures I took of the models for my collection.

Picture 269Picture 273Picture 274Picture 276

After great chat, inspired and with advise to get inspiration from traditional Chinese architecture we decided to visit one of their buildings LuyeyuanLuyeyuan Stone Sculpture Art Museum.

Took a taxi and around in an hour we were there! Unfortunately no pictures were allowed inside but truly it was one of the most inspiring, spiritual contemporary places I have ever visited. Building seemed just to grow out of the nature with water pools inside and mysterious light.

Picture 405

Picture 607

Picture 449Picture 490Picture 561

Picture 567 Picture 572     Picture 458 Picture 505 Picture 508 Picture 513

..And my little souvenir we got from the Studio



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