Hello from urban restart team!

Here is the progress of one of the projects we are working on together with the team from Strathclyde university.

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. The proposal is versatile landscaping scheme, which has the potential to enhance public space and offer community groups, schools and those without gardens their very own portion of land. Its aim is to produce pieces of radical landscape architecture based on the theme of reduce, re-use and recycle ‘on wheels’.

A team of designers and students from the Strathclyde Department of Architecture has come up with an affordable, agile and portable solution for a modular garden system. Coined as MOBILELAND©, this innovative garden could offer a D.I.Y. solution to create greenery in Stalled Spaces for various groups to establish and cultivate their own urban flora, food and ecosystems.

Three Stalled Spaces in Glasgow are proposed to be animated and funded by Glasgow City Council:

Site 1. Land adjacent to Riverview garden, West street, Glasgow
Site 2. Greek Thomson Church and adjacent land, Cathcart road, Glasgow
Site 3. David Street, Gallowgate, Glasgow

The MOBILELAND© fabrication is made entirely from reclaimed materials such as timber Euro-pallet boards, beer crates, meshes and industrial packaging items. It will be unveiled during the Glasgow Commonwealth Games Festival 2014, when planting will begin. Available in different designs and sizes depending on primary usage, they can be moved to any Stalled Space in Glasgow depending on seasons, events and growing needs. All modules could be located anywhere where green space is required.

The design team has answered the brief with playability and originality as they are easy to install, cost very little and can house rooms for herbs, fruits and vegetables and also provides seating, resting and recreational areas.



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