Harvest Map ‘ Glasgow Commons’


Harvest Map ‘ Glasgow Commons’ is a part of 5th year architectural thesis project.(DRAFT) It is a dynamic data base which is changing with urban environment and conditions. Ideally the web platform should be accessible for various groups of people for constant information inputs while expanding the overall network.

Harvest map is an urban tool which shows available sources in a proximity of a planned construction site. However, we consider that harvest map could become a tool for every citizen enabling them to manipulate their environment in vacant and derelict sites around Glasgow. To achieve that, it is important to track not only materials or energy flows, but also existing networks and collaborations as well as previous use of site. Multilayering of different information would enable its users to create not only the most efficient decisions while sourcing their project, but also to create socially sustainable and attractive projects while connecting back to existing networks.

It aims to indicate :

– vacant & derelict sites ( in 5 priority zones only)
– previous use of site
– land ownership
– available materials network
– existing networks/possible collaborators


Land typologies:

Vacant Land – In general terms vacant land is previously developed land, without physical constraint, which the Planning Authority has indicated is currently available for redevelopment.

Derelict Land – In general a site can be classed as derelict if it is on previously developed land, which has a physical constraint caused by its previous use, which hampers its redevelopment or naturalisation.

Vacant- blue
Not known- red

Link to Harvest Map:



Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey 2013

( available at :http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Statistics/Browse/Planning/Publications/SVDLSMaps13)

Statistical Bulletin Planning Series ( availabale at: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Resource/0044/00444542.pdf)

Website : ‘Understanding Glasgow’

( available: http://www.understandingglasgow.com/indicators/environment/urban_land_use/introduction)
John R. Hume, ‘ Industrial Archaeology of Glasgow’, (Glasgow: Blackie, 1974)


One comment

  1. Jan

    Hello There, would be great if you’d upload these data on the online version of harvestmap.org. hope to see you there!

    the harvestmap team from Rotterdam

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