Workshop On Water [WOW] construction



Pg Dip Advanced Architecture Thesis

Laura Petruskeviciute

Paulina Naruseviciute

WOW (Workshop On Water) is an instrument to reactivate vacant and derelict land, the school which plants a seed for temporary architecture culture in Glasgow.

The starting point of the WOW is Forth & Clyde canal (Glasgow Branch) which previously was highly industrial and now there are vast areas of the land left vacant. Water allows the school move freely from one place to another in order to activate bigger area faster. WOW units sit on the canal based on intensive functional uses in the area and their influence zones defined according to Voronoi diagram. The usage influence zone, topographical conditions and accessibility defines units’ locations (stop points) on the canal. The active and pre-organised units ( Art Incubator, PlayPod unit, Control Station and Culture Kitchen) are on the water, however they are prototypes of rentable units which can go on any site . It can be rented or easily constructed by community or any individual.

The units structure is based on modular pieces which are easy to construct and can be prefabricated off site. This allows WoW to work in other cities and countries too. The facade can be picked from the facade library- Harvest Map. Facade materials are recyclables and upcycled waste or industrial products.

For WoW to work in full power and programme the digital management and control system is created which allows people to book units for certain events as well as feed in information about available physical and digital resources and existing collaborative networks.

WoW prescribed plan is 5 years after which temporary use should be integrated and be a part of permanent planning. Furthermore, the mobile units stays and promotes self-organised DIY spaces culture. The Floating school moves to other canal/ river in other city or country.


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