Cinema Pneumatica

cinema pneumatica


concept model

This semester we are expanding our research in the creation of DIY spaces which are low budget and easy to build. We introduce the project “cinema pneumatica” .

To start with, the project responds to the first phase of [WOW] 5 years plan: Raising Awareness and exposing the neglected environments.

“Cinema pneumatica” is a mobile inflatable pavilion where the cinema makers are welcomed  to show their work and animate the environment. The pavilion is situated on the ‘forgotten’ land and invites to celebrate the vacant space, the moment and the unexpected temporary encounter. It creates a situation of estrangement as well as provides a soft and adventurous space to experience individual psychogeographies. Emotions here are stimulated through sound, light and kinetic movement.

The design seeks to use as less as possible typical architectural heavy materials in order to create social & emotional space. Fabrics were picked in order to achieve ergonomics, mobility and lightness factor. Furthermore, fabric is easy and inspiring material to work with having a limited budget, offering opportunities to play with shape, light, translucency, vibration and reflection.

Cinema Pneumatica consists of two bubbles , one embedded into another. The skin of the outer bubble offers lightness throughout the day and  projection place during the night. It is made out of polythene sheet and used plastic bags.
The inner bubble offers the dark space, where projections could happen during the day as well. It is made out of silver reflective sheeting which gives expanded and decomposed view of the video making the whole space to feel as the projection.

We also provide the instructions of making the “Cinema Pneumatica” with the budget of £250.

Background research is split into two parts:
The Power of Pneumatic in Architecture (Laura Petruskeviciute)

This part explores ways of building in air structures, features and behavior of pneumatic environments. ‘Go pneumatic’- is cheap, mobile, flexible and effective way of creating spaces in comparison to conventional architecture.

Architecture of cinematic: Building Atmospheres  (Paulina Naruseviciute)
This part is exploring unbuilt architecture- atmospheres. sound, vibration, people’s movement, live projections of what is happening inside and how does it affect and modify the space.


1:10 model of the outer bubble


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