cinema pneumatica: cinematic cloud lands in BARRAS!

On Saturday 8th of August our cloud of cinema Pneumatica landed in the historic Barras street market district of Glasgow. Placed in the post industrial setting on the vacant site just next to Barras Art and Design centre, it brought cinematic light and life into the area that evening!

We have been working hard on our thesis this year developing urban strategies of temporary urbanism. We are ending our 6th year of school with an example of low tech /low cost architecture, here is what can you build for £200.  Scottish wind and rain tested our pavilion and left no damage.

If you can make it in Scotland you can make it everywhere!

Thank you all for coming and participating, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Also big thanks to our great supporters Barras Art and Design Centre (BAaD) and MOBILELAND.

In two weeks our team is heading to Munich to built our Yellow Submarine apartment as part of a competition organized by Raumlabor Berlin. If you are around come to say hi and book your night there!


Paulina & Laura

p.s videos and more articles are coming soon !_DSC1453IMG_1780IMG_1804IMG_1375IMG_1659_DSC1535       _DSC1513 11866334_10207521294574280_7282442789753314007_n     IMG_1879IMG_1463       IMG_1920IMG_1695IMG_1919        IMG_1790_DSC1485



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